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Information about FEEDCAT.NET

FEEDCAT.NET is mainly dedicated to boosting feeds and also serves as a public catalogue of feeds (RSS and ATOM).
You can submit your feeds and use services for free!

What is the feed button?

  • feed button can be placed anywhere on your website – homepage is the most suitable
  • the number of readers using your website and feed is monitored through the button
  • the button number shows the count of unique readers per last week
  • you can see below how the button will look like on your website
  • easily readable version of feed with many subscription options is displayed, when the reader clicks on the button on your website or roll over this button

Why boost a feed?

  • get free feed button for your website
  • boosted feeds are easier to read and user friendly
  • the contents of boosted feeds are promoted by their own search engine
  • boosted feeds can be tagged and found more easily
  • boosted feeds contain valid xml syntax
  • we measure the audiences of boosted feeds
  • we are lessening the load on your server resources
  • take full control over your feed content

What is RSS feed?

RSS, a group of XML based web-content distribution and republication (Web syndication) formats primarily used by news sites and weblogs (blogs). ATOM feed on Wikipedia.

What is ATOM feed?

Atom is an XML-based document format and HTTP-based protocol designed for the syndication of Web content such as weblogs and news headlines to Web sites as well as directly to user agents. It is based on experience gained in using the various versions of RSS. Critics have argued that it has merely created additional confusion. RSS on Wikipedia.
More informations about how to use feed searching.
Please feel free to contact us to post your questions, suggestion, comments and notes.