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OpenCV Q&A Forum - Latest question feed
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Preparing LBP Texture Feature for SVM
I have extracted LBP Texture features on an image by splitting the image into small cells and then calculating LBP for each sub-image and then latter concatenating spatial histograms of each sub-image following the [Philip Code]( I push these spatial histograms to a `vector`. I understand my spatial texture features are now contained in the histograms. The prob...
Deciding upon Simple Advice For mountain
It's easy to find landscaping to photograph, it's everywhere. And yet, it could be probably the most challenging fields a photographer should master. It takes creativity, dedication, many practice don't forget that every important tripod. It's crucial and keep your camera completely still while taking your pictures.If you're just mildly thinking about either geocaching or mountain biking than this...
Looking to get out of xanax and living nowaday with panic bny myself. Is that this possible?
Living with stress is potential, it's only that you don't work your 100 %, so there it came the magic option, bars or Xanax pills, that make you feel almost like a normal person.I 'm not talking about easy pressure, I'm talking about actually tension that, when it became more powerful, are the notorious panic attacks. When you've got this kind of things, and you're on Xanax, you can have a regular...